Best Unlimited Hosting With Websites, Bandwidth, and Storage

Unlimited hosting plans are the best for low budget startups. In this article, we are going to discuss the best unlimited hosting service providers who provide free domain name, bandwidth, and many more features.

First, we need to know, what does this means by, “UNLIMITED HOSTING“, and do they really provide the services at no extra cost?

Best Unlimited Hosting
Best Unlimited Hosting

What does unlimited really mean in web hosting?

“Unlimited Hosting” can refer not only to the bandwidth, but also to the storage, addon domains, FTP accounts, and even customer support. That means, the hosting service provider can provide unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP accounts, and unlimited data-transfer together or only one service. To put it simply, there is more than what there seems to be when explaining “unlimited.” Looks a little bit confused. Right?

Don’t worry. I will recommend you the best domain hosting service provider for you with unlimited services. Also, you need to care about that, they are not charging any extra for those services.

Before we explore the best names in web hosting, we need to know that, what it is you need to be keeping eye on when checking the hosting plans that are offered.

  • Bandwidth:- When a visitor tries to access or visit your website, the webserver transmits data so that the visitor can access your website and its contents. If the webserver stops data transmission, no one can access or visit your website. The amount of data transmitted is called the bandwidth. So, there should be a limitation of bandwidth. Every time someone visits your website, it consumes bandwidth. So, Unlimited Bandwidth means that your website will be accessible at any time without slowing it down.
  • FTP Account:- I don’t want to make things complicated for you. So, let’s explain the meaning of FTP accounts shortly. If you want to upload any files to your website directory so that, you and your visitors can access that file easily. This can be an image, video, document, or anything. To upload any data, to your website directory, you need to use an FTP server. In this case, most of the professionals choose File Zila to upload their files. Some of them use the cPanel File Manager feature. But in the backend, the cPanel File Manager also uses FTP Accounts.
  • Domains:- If you think, you need to host multiple websites using one single hosting, then you should definitely choose the hosting plan that provides unlimited add-on domain service. This feature is called the Add-On Domain service.

Now it’s time to let you know my favorite hosting plans with unlimited features.

Best Unlimited Hosting Plans

If you want to get the best hosting plan for your website, then you should use Greengeeks. Let’s check why Greengeeks is the best,

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain for 1st Year
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Free CDN [Learn More]
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • One-Click WordPress Installer
  • Unlimited Databases
  • LSCache Server

And the most important, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

best unlimited hosting
Best Unlimited Hosting

If you want to run or host only a single website, then you can go for the Lite package of Greengeeks hosting. The Lite package will cost you only $2.49/month. But, I would like you to go for the Pro package of Greengeeks hosting. Greengeeks Pro hosting package price is $4.95/month. Do you know, why I am suggesting this Pro package? Let me tell you, you are going to get unlimited add-on domains. That means you will be able to host unlimited websites.

Best unlimited hosting

I would like to inform you that, the cheapest Greengeeks hosting package is the Lite package. Its regular price is $10.95. But currently, they are providing this Lite package at only $2.49. That means you are going to save more than $8 per month on your website hosting.

As I mentioned earlier, I will suggest you the best hosting service provider who provide all possible unlimited services with no extra charge. Even, if you use their service, you are going to save $8/per month.

Our main topic is “Best Unlimited Hosting“, but as a bonus, I recommended the best unlimited hosting service provider for your website.

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