Buy Domain | Register Domain Name For Your Website Properly

Do you want to start an online business or want to do blogging? If you do, then your first task will be registering a domain name for your website.

Creating a website requires domain registration. There are a lot of domain sellers available online. Which one will be best for your starting? Don’t worry about that, we will guide you properly in this post. Also, you can check our post about How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Website.


Before we get started, we need to know What is a Domain Name? Isn’t it?

What is a Domain Name?

For example, imagine your house as a website. Your house has a unique address. Your house visitors look at that address to identify your house and also they make sure that they are in the right place. The same thing works with a domain name. A Domain Name is a unique address that your website visitors enter into your browser to visit your website.

In this world, there are a lot of websites are available on the internet. Every website has an identification number and that is called an IP address. An IP address looks like this:

Now tell me one thing, do you think, this is too much hard to remember an IP address? Yes, it is. That’s why Domain Name invented.

Domain names can have alphabets and numbers, which helps business owners create brandable names for their website’s address.

Now it’s time to register a domain name for your website. Below I will mention some domain name service providers which will be best for you.

  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy
  • DianaHost
  • Domain.Com

Choose the best domain name seller for your website. You can search on Google to know which one will be the best for you.

Register Domain Name Properly For Your Website

How To Register Domain Name For Your Website?

  1. Choose a domain name for your website. Also, make sure to check its availability. To check your chosen domain name availability, you can use any domain seller website tools. All their tolls are free to use. Also, you can read this article about how to choose a domain name for your website.

2. For tutorial purpose, we are using GoDaddy. Simply visit GoDaddy website and input your domain name and press the Search Domain button.


3. If your domain name is available, simply press the Add to Cart button and continue shopping. Also, GoDaddy will suggest to you some more domain names that you can use. We would like you to continue with your favorite domain name.


4. Choose if you want to purchase any extra services for your domain name. For tutorial purpose, we are not going to use any extra services.


5. Here you can choose for how long you want to purchase your domain name. Also you can check what will be the total cost for your domain registration.

how you can register your domain name for your website

6. Almost you are done! Now just create a new account on GoDaddy or you can also login into your existing account on GoDaddy.
7. After that, complete your purchase. For some security reason, GoDaddy may ask you some questions about yourself.

This is how you can register your domain name for your website. If you are all done, now you can go for hosting. Thank you so much for reading this article. Please let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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